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STEAKBURGER  www.steakburger.es/ voluntarily submits to periodic food safety inspections by hygienists team of veterinary, and from quamass, as an independent third party, we certify it.

What does quamass check in STEAKBURGER as independent third party?

We visit regularly and unannounced the STEAKBURGER restaurants to check 240 items related to Food Safety.


What do we check?

  • Cleaned & Sanitized food facilities and equipment.
  • Hygienic habits of food handlers.
  • Good practices carried out by food handles.
  • Quality and Safety of raw materials and traceability.
  • Quality and Safety of Food to be served to customer.
  • Safe Food processes carried out
  • Cold chain good mantained.
  • Pest control carried out.
  • Good management of allergens.

We also take samples to verify the cleanliness of facilities and the safety of the products, and we analyze them in our food analysis laboratories.

quamass issues a recommendations report to the establishment for its continuous improvement.


COVID-19 Prevention

We Verify Good Practices to prevent transmission according to “Community of Madrid and Madrid City Council Goverments Guideline to Prevent COVID 19 transmission in food sector (http://www.madrid.org/bvirtual/BVCM050096.pdf)

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